Featured Case Study: YouTube Residency

The touring cast of Playing By Air visited W.O. Smith Music School, a non-profit that transforms lives through music education. In three days, students from the W.O. Smith Music School worked together with Playing By Air to arrange, rehearse, and perform their own version of the hit song from Disney's Frozen, "Let It Go."

This collaborative project between W.O. Smith Music School and Playing By Air showcases teamwork, musical skill, and the ability for people of all ages to have fun and create something cool and new in a short amount of time.

The students went outside the box and reinvented the way they learn and make music together by using skills with their own instruments and adding the teamwork of learning how to juggle.

The week started with team building and juggling instruction exercises led by Playing By Air, and moved onto musical arranging and rehearsal with W.O. Smith staff. The students led the way with the arrangement, picking up on the harmony, melody, rhythm, and form of the song. We listened to it a LOT!

The group also used non-traditional instruments such as cups and Boomwhackers to add to the texture of the song, and add fun visuals for the video. Several students used improvisation and composition skills to come up with original techniques and ideas that were used in the video filmed on the final day.

We all had a lot of fun working as a group together and hope that you enjoy the final video.

Thanks for watching!

About W.O. Smith Music School:

W.O. Smith Music School makes affordable, quality music instruction available to children from low-income families. We transform lives through music! W.O. Smith Music School provides music instruction to children from low-income families for the nominal cost of 50¢ per lesson. All of our faculty are community volunteers. Instruments and all learning materials are loaned to our students at no additional expense.

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